Tuesday, June 02, 2009

David Hockney goes to Malibu...

I've been slowly but surely posting a few more of the dreamy summer dresses, flapper revival sailor sweaters and perfect summer suits that didn't quite work out in my wardrobe to Ebay for the past few weeks:

And so far, this has been the hardest thing to part with. I was hoping to channel something of a "David Hockney goes to Malibu" look for the summer, and this candy colored seersucker suit, which has been languishing at the back of the closet waiting for its day in the sun, would have been absolutely perfect, if only it wouldn't have needed to be tailored half to death in order to fit me quite right! I'll be pretty sad to see it go, but know that it would probably love to be taken out for a stroll!

On a tangentially related note, I think I may be newly obsessed with these Madras and raw silk bow ties by heritage haberdasher J. Press:

Brought to my attention by preeminent menswear blog A Continuous Lean.


  1. Fawn the idea of you not keeping that suit pretty much kills me. I bought a 60s rainbow stripe seersucker dress many years ago, thinking it would be perfect for a day at Coney (which it did get!) and it's pretty much the only thing I've ever sold that makes my heart tug a little. I particularly love that you've teamed it with a Sylvester sweater - picturing you in that outfit + Hockney's 'zoom' goggles. x

  2. Those bow ties are pretty fly.