Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunshine Day...

The Screaming Mimis ad for Spring, inspired by art deco florals, dream bicycles and 1920s picnics, and informed, just for fun, by the Spring 2011 Pantone palette:

was dashed off to print back when there was still frost on the ground, but I've probably been obsessing about a proper garden ever since, and now that Spring has officially sprung here in the Pacific Northwest, we've been strolling the nursery aisles every chance we get, poring over seed catalogs, pricing arborvitae, and sourcing climbing roses for our chainlink fences with impossible visions of a rococo pastoral urban backyard:

I'll let you know how it goes!
Last image via Colkinikha.
I wish I could be in Los Angeles for the Space 15 Twenty "To Japan, From LA, With Love" art auction, raffle and pop-up shop this weekend:
So many friends and favorites have contributed amazing work to help raise funds for Japan, if you happen to be in town, you should definitely have a look!

There are a ton of fundraising efforts still taking place throughout Portland as well.
A few of my favorites are Scout Books:

who are donating 100% of the profits raised from the sale of these books to Mercy Corps, and W+K Studio:

who are donating 100% of profits raised from the sale of this poster to the Red Cross.

Of course you can click on the links to either of the organizations above to make a direct donation as well, and please don't forget the animals!

The Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support group is a coalition of 3 different rescue groups who have banded together to rescue, shelter, and care for animals in crises, who still need all the help they can get!