Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to Basics...

Sorry it's been so terribly quiet around here, I've been taking a little bit of an internet hiatus for art making! Here are a few tiny peeks at a new little batch of paintings coming very soon:

I know at least a few people reading this will be excited to hear that I've been revisiting the process that had pretty much become interchangeable with my signature over the years; enamels on glass and plexi, most commonly known for their uncanny resemblance to boiled sweets! I had all but abandoned my favorite materials for a bit in favor of more traditional paintings on canvas and panel partly due to gallery requests for less shattery artworks, and while I still love the idea of veering in the direction of revisionist portraiture forever, I was never able to recapture the perfectly perfect hyper flat candy colors of my dreams in any other medium, and have been quite happily picking up where I left off...

Which might have been with this Baby Lemonade show, circa, oh, 2007? Yikes!

It wasn't until I left LA that I realized there was something quintessentially LA about my chosen materials, specifically the translucence, flourescents and candyflake stripes of the mid-to-late 60s Ferus Gallery stable, probably lodged into my subconscious somewhere between divesting the school library of all of its Pop Art and Color Field books in high school and experimenting with casting and pigmenting my dads surfboard resins.

There are surprisingly few pieces to be found online, but here are a few of my favorites from the LA Glass and Plastics and Finish Fetish crews:

Craig Kauffman

Billy Al Bengston

Norman Zammitt

I've been super nostalgic for both Los Angeles specific and late 60s-specific art movements lately, and have have been revisiting both via these amazing books:

Practically on permanent loan from the Portland Library. Thanks guys!

Also recommended, Morgan Neville's The Cool School, How LA Learned to Love Modern Art documentary!


  1. Just wanted to say that I really dig your art!

  2. Ooooh YAY FAWN!!!!!! I can't wait to see more more more.
    (this is alex....aka galexigirl)

  3. Fawn: I found the Catalog LA book at Borders for 5 bucks!