Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Les miaou miaous...

Happy first days of Spring everyone! We've had a few little strings of perfect days so far, complete with botanical garden picnics, iced chai and short sleeves, but now that it's officially real life Springtime, the weather in Portland, as it is wont to do, has reset to freezing rain and hail. Siiigh. Soo I'm spending the day tucked away indoors, warm and cozy, drawing cats, cats, cats for a cute upcoming project, which reminds me that if we're not acquainted on twitter or instagram you may not have met some of the newest members of our household, who I've been meaning to post about forevvver!

Almost a year ago to the day, we adopted this little ragamuffin, Uschi: quite possibly the worlds cutest feral Persian kitten, from the lovely Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood. She was found wandering the streets of Portland with a hurt paw, a kitty flu, and her fur all in mats, but we kind of knew she was the one and basically stalked the shelter, calling to check on her progress daily, until she was ready to adopt. We thought she might take a while to warm up to us, but she was almost immediately super cuddly, full of purrs and super excited to have a whole house full of cozy nap spots and sunny windowsills: A few months later we decided that she might like a little brother, and adopted this tiny creature, Wolfi: As the proud owner of what may be the tiniest catpaws in the world and weighing in at all of seven pounds, we thought he may have been a teacup kitten, but he's been getting bigger and bigger ever since. He was also semi-feral, and found in the same neighborhood as Uschi, so we were hoping they might be acquainted from their street cat days and be fast friends. It's taken them a while, but they now have a couple of ridiculously cute cat friend rituals, from birdwatching together on the windowsills to their daily mid-morning paw holding catnap: Also part of our new extended family, approximately one million tiny cactus and succulents just waking up from their winter hibernation and growing out of their pots: I enrolled in a ceramics program last Fall, and I think it's safe to say at this point that I'm completely obsessed. The first semester focused on the wheel, so we now have these mini vignettes of tiny hand thrown pottery all over the house, including some super awkward early glazing experiments, but these are probably some of my favorites, made just after our trip to Palm Springs, in an attempt to create teeny tiny replicas of the amazing giant white stoneware planters we spotted outside of practically every mid-century municipal building in Southern California!


  1. Ahhhh, the cutest kitties! Love their little faces.

  2. Wow! I love those kitties, too. My cat Nilla weighs in at 15! Not-so-tiny paws!

  3. Gahhhhh, your cats are adorbs! I'm jealous yours are getting along...our girl merely tolerates the boy...and us, for that matter. :-)