Tuesday, June 21, 2011

California Dreaming...

Happy first day of summer everyone!

The mailman just arrived at our doorstep bearing the Summer issue of Paper Magazine, containing my latest ad for Screaming Mimis, which was ever so loosely inspired, in both subject matter and palette, by the dreamy impressionist boating scenes of 1930s California artist Edward Cucuel:

all of which make me hope for at least a few sunny afternoons spent floating down a lazy river this summer, parasols, straw hats and tiny tea sandwiches in tow. In the meantime you can find me doodling away in our new backyard, which is currently a meadow of buttercups, lounging on our newly estate sale begotten and freshly lemon yellow spray painted patio set with a homemade meyer lemon simple syrup italian soda, my new summer beverage obsession!