Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have a Verrie Merrie...

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Here are a few scans from my previously semi-secret archives of 60s ephemera:

I've been organizing like crazy for the past few weeks, in advance of a couple of impending super exciting life changes which I can't wait to share! One of the super exciting announcements semi-tangentially involves all of these boxes of cute cards, notes, stationery and paper goods that I've been hauling from coast to coast all of these years, so expect lots more scans from the archives soon!!!
Here's to starting 2010 off with a bang!
xo Fawn


  1. my boyfriend david played guitar for seth in hunx. he was at you house over the summer and told me all about your earl bernard collection. i've been looking for those heads for years! i just found your blog and i'm drooling over these too! are they by richter? i have a wall plaque of an angel girl VERY similar to this. it's one of my favorie finds and i've always been on the look out for more by this artist.

  2. these look so beautiful! Lovely post