Thursday, August 13, 2009

You take the Power of the Flower...

Here are a few more shots from the weekend:

Mostly spent tooling around Sauvie Island, skipping from farm to farm in a u-pick flower frenzy, collecting more dahlias, zinnias, mums and gerber daisies than we could ever possibly display, even after filling practically every glass, mug, tiny novelty vase and empty bottle in the house! And of course I couldn't help but obsess over the colorsssss, collecting and photographing every perfect electric salmon pink and insanely rich velvety blood red!
We were originally planning to pick a few baskets of blackberries too, but found a heaping platter of them outside or front door just a few days earlier, a sneaky gift from our next door neighbor who has one of the most beautiful urban gardens we've ever seen!
Have I mentioned lately how much I love Portland in the summertime?
A few more Sauvie Island photos can be found at my flickr, along with a few more recent odds and ends, including this guy:

who may just be our new favorite Portland street cat ever!

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  1. from what i can see of your hair, it has reached ultimate perfection!