Thursday, March 05, 2009

Confection Perfection...

Behold the cutest packaging in the world:

By way of the cutest store in the world! Kiosk was on the very top of my must see list on a recent trip back to NYC, and did not disappoint, with tiny vignettes of perfect candy striped twines, traditional German chocolates, beeswax crayons and an enviable roster of mini exhibitions, all hosted in a tiny shop at the end of a labyrinth of dark hallways lit by tiny pink neon arrows ie the semi secret and super perfect shop of my dreams!

Wibele cookies soon to be perched atop our refrigerator alongside an ever growing collection of vintage tins of grandma candies and an ever rotating display of particularly kaleidoscopic peppermint sticks.

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  1. cute! i tired to comment on your spring entry but it wouldn't let me. i am feeling the spring thing too. willing it to arrive early. blah to winter! i am so into spring colours. but it hailed here yesterday!