Monday, June 30, 2008

Disney Girls...

Some of you may remember seeing these "behind the scenes" sneak peeks that Jeff took at a photo shoot for a friends top secret book project last summer at my favorite ice cream stand in LA:

Now the secret is finally out! This weekend was the official release date of my dear (and dearly missed!) friend Miss Jennifer Brandt Taylor's magical new tome, Vintage LA!

"VINTAGE LA: Eats, Boutiques, Decor, Landmarks, Markets & More" is the ultimate travel and lifestyle guide for vintage fashion fans, Hollywood history lovers and cineastes alike. Jennifer, an L.A. native, takes you on a colorful tour of L.A.'s best vintage boutiques, restaurants, historic hotels, and movie palaces, as well as interviews L.A.'s most artistic residents. VINTAGE LA features dazzling Technicolor photography by Jeaneen Lund."

I always thought of Jennifer and her family as some of the last true Hollywood eccentrics, and will be forever grateful that they took me under their wing when I first arrived in Southern California and shared some of the most amazing secret hideouts in all of the land, so cracking open Vintage LA will surely have me pining for long lost Los Angeles in no time! I can't wait!


  1. Hello Fawn,

    This is Carmen from The Retrochic Corner
    I am very happy that you are settling in your new place! That is wonderful. I am looking forward also to seeing your pictures in Vintage LA. The pictures are lovely.

    Take Care,

    Best Wishes

  2. cool! its weird i remember when you posted the pictures on flickr, cause my dad would take us to that ice cream stand. then the day I was going to see the movie about the band Love I went into ArcLight to pee(haha. amoeba needs bathrooms) and opened that vintage la book to your picture and a line about Love. weeee! :)))