Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cute Clutter vs. Creative Chaos...

So we're officially house hunting again as of a bit later this month (Hoping for one of the last huge adorable affordable houses in all of Portland!) and it has me thinking a lot about studio decor and studio practice, since this is the first time besides a handful of ill advised moves to the Midwest in search of a) the easy life and b) bargain basement rents on giant crumbling Victorians (Done and done, by the way!) that I could potentially have room (We've spotted triple car garages and basements and woodshops galore!) to spread out and actually create the kind of space that I'm convinced is totally necessary for happy, stress free art making! I can't wait!

Left to my own devices, my creative spaces usually teeter wildly on a scale somewhere between the (barely) organized chaos of Francis Bacon:

Marie and Marie (via Ester Krumbachov√°, quite possibly the most amazing Art Director/Set/Costume Designer of all time) :

or Julie Verhoeven:

The slightly less unruly creative cacophony of Yoshitomo Nara:

or Sofia Coppola:

Or (ideally) the cute clutter of Victoire de Castellane:


  1. That last photo totally looks like she did a spot of speed-cleaning before the photographer came over :-P

  2. Victoire de Castellane has one of my favorite workspaces. There was an interview with her in Domino magazine and I feel in love with her 'organization' style.